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Sometimes I wonder..: I wrote this for an old friend..
Posted by peekaboo28, Apr 1, 2011. 1068 views. ID = 4487

Sometimes I wonder..

Posted by peekaboo28, Apr 1, 2011. 1068 views. ID = 4487
This post was written in 4 minutes.
I wrote this in maybe August of 10?
Not quite sure, but its OLD.

Sometimes I sit down and cry
Because I feel like my tears are the only things that are there for me
Sometimes I write these crazy poems and re-read old love letters
Just to feel like you really did love me
If there really was something I could do about it
Sometimes I'll hop on my horse and ride just to get away from the pain
An escape
Sometimes I'll drive myself into sweets, cake, candy
Just to realize I need to throw up
But then I took a step back and realized that I shouldn't harm my body in any way absentmindedly
I tried doing so many things, but they all left me to a dead end
Another thought that hit me is that I love you; and I could never let you go
So is it worth it?
Hurting my body for another soul?
Tell me; is it?

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