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Regrets: to sunshine.
Posted by peekaboo28, Mar 21, 2011. 819 views. ID = 4446


Posted by peekaboo28, Mar 21, 2011. 819 views. ID = 4446
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I'm such a hypocrite
I always say that people shouldn't live with regrets
You do things for a specific reason, and maybe it doesn't make sense now, but it obviously did then.
I've felt like that for so long, but I do regret something.
I regret meeting you,
I regret falling for your 'love'
Your trap
I regret giving my heart to you,
And watching you crumple it up, not even caring.
I regret holding your hand,
Kissing your lips.
I cried for months, and you didn't even care.
You didn't even care
I moved on, just to let you know.
I found someone who actually loves me for who I am.
I'm happy now, unlike how I was with you.
I laugh when I'm with him, and I have so much fun being with him
It comes natural, not forced, or being something I'm not.
I just wanted to respond to your pointless text message,
That no, sunshine, I don't miss you.

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This post has been awarded 3 stars by 1 reader.


Mar 21, 2011
I feel this way too, so many times a day.
I try my best to live with no cares, no regrets, but when I really think about it, I know I regret doing a lot of things.
But then I realize that the regrets and mistakes we have in our lives were done and made for a reason, and whatever those reasons may be, their consequences helped us grow, and learn, and become stronger. To become who we are to this day.
   ~Posted by katiedarling-, Mar 21, 2011

Mar 21, 2011
It hurts so much, but in the end, you're right,
It does make us who we are today
I couldn't be happier because of that
   ~Posted by peekaboo28, Mar 21, 2011

Mar 22, 2011
I know the feeling.
   ~Posted by katiedarling-, Mar 22, 2011

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