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Confessions: 3 letters. 1 meaning
Posted by peekaboo28, Mar 25, 2011. 976 views. ID = 4458


Posted by peekaboo28, Mar 25, 2011. 976 views. ID = 4458
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I woke up this morning with tears running down my round cheeks
I sat up straight as a board and tried to remember my dream
I came to the realization that I was dreaming about you again
Whenever I dream about you I cry
Maybe it’s because of the way you left
Without a single goodbye
I thought I meant more to you, more than a piece of trash
That you use to hear what you want and then stomp all over me
Like a welcome mat
You said you wanted a life together
I remember your exact words
‘Hey Kay, in 4 years I’ll still be here, just watch, want to bet?
And in 4 years I’ll transfer to your school, and after you’re done studying,
We’ll run away, just you and I. You and I forever.’
I said okay to the bet.
And yet, you have yet to call, or to text
Until 3 days ago
‘Hey Kay, miss me?’
No reply
You expect me to be there for you?
You think you can walk all over me and I’ll pry myself up from the dirty ground and start all over again?
Let me answer that for you,
No, I will not be there
I’ve moved on.
You damaged me, and unfortunately now your old ways have made me cautious
I’m cautious with somebody who has done absolutely nothing to me
He doesn’t deserve that, but here I am stepping softly around him, worrying about what you did to me
So in that case,
I’m letting go.
Setting free the inside me
Because even though you broke my heart to pieces
So no, I don’t miss you
I miss the old you.

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This post has been awarded 5 stars by 1 reader.

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