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A Wonderful Educational Experience: An educational program open to only seven students nationwide. And I was one of them
Posted by Michael K, Jan 14, 2008. 1572 views. ID = 502

A Wonderful Educational Experience

Posted by Michael K, Jan 14, 2008. 1572 views. ID = 502
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Excited? You'd better believe I was excited. I was one of only seven students selected from the entire nation to take part in this bold and exciting program. Excited? I was so excited I could barely breathe!

There was a whole lot of laughing and joking and acting like lunatics among the students the day the program started. But as the seriousness and gravity of our endeavor pressed upon us, our enthusiasm began to wane. By the time we were well underway, our excitement had been totally eclipsed by our fear of what was yet to come. One of the students even got sick, leaving a very unpleasant mess. And believe me, we were frantic to get it cleaned up!

But we really had nothing to fear; our teachers and observers all had our best interests at heart, and would do anything to help us succeed. I kept reminding myself of my ultimate goals, and that this program was just one small step along the journey toward my goal.

Then came the final phase of our program, when each of us would be required to perform a series of tests in the laboratory. One after another the students leaped forward and performed their required tests. Then it was my turn.

My teacher stared at me as I stepped forward. "Where's your microscope?" he asked.

"M-m-microscope?" I said, fumbling with nervousness.

"Yes, microscope! How else are you going to examine the lunar rocks? Are you telling me you traveled 400,000 kilometers to the moon and didn't even bring a microscope?"

I have a feeling I won't be getting an up-close-view of the rings of Saturn any time soon.

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This post has been awarded 16 stars by 4 readers.
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Michael K
Jan 14, 2008
Eight clues and/or puns in this one. Can you find them?
   ~Posted by Michael K, Jan 14, 2008

Jan 14, 2008
Haha! Awesome job! :-)
   ~Posted by Katie, Jan 14, 2008

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