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Christmas Story: this is what I think about the season
Posted by Mathax, Dec 4, 2007. 2740 views. ID = 378

Christmas Story

Posted by Mathax, Dec 4, 2007. 2740 views. ID = 378
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Terry never could understand why Alex hated Christmas so much.

At least until he asked him.

Alex said, "Well the problem is the true meaning is going out of the world.

People are so wound up in the 'getting' part of Christmas, not the giving.

People are taking 'Christ' out of 'Christmas', X-mas is one example. Just a couple

of years ago Walmart tried to change their greeting to 'Happy Holidays', instead

of Merry Christmas. If only they realized what 'holidays' mean, I am sure that

they would not have tried to change it. Holidays come from the Jews' 'Holy days',

days that they took off from work to worship God.

On the radio yesterday I heard 'Santa Claus is Coming' to town three different

times. I heard three songs about Christ throught the whole day!"

Terry said, "Ouch. That must hurt. I never considered that. What are you going to

do about that?"

Alex said, "Well, I suppose we could just change the day we celabrate Christ's

birthday. Did you know that the exact date of His birthday is unknown?"

Terry said, "No, I did not know. Why is December 25 the day that we celebrate it?"

Alex repled, "Some pope or other declared it centuries ago."

Terry said, "What day do you want it?"

"June 25," Replied Alex, "Why? Because that is exactly 6 months away from the

original one, the furthest that you could go away from it."

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This post has been awarded 8 stars by 3 readers.
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Josiah T.
Dec 4, 2007
Ever heard of these handy little things called 'quotation marks?' :-P

Pretty acurate, otherwise. Heard the same thing on the radio. That's when I change stations. :-)
   ~Posted by Josiah T., Dec 4, 2007

Josiah T.
Dec 4, 2007
oh, heh heh. And a few misspellings... Lemme see what I can find... "taht" is an obvious one... A few capitolization issues... :-P

Hey - You asked for it! :-D :-P
   ~Posted by Josiah T., Dec 4, 2007

Dec 5, 2007
Very good points.

But I think we really need to work on your spelling. ;-) And yes, quotation marks would make it a lot easier to read.

Nice job though! :-) I'm glad somebody wrote about this. I was thinking about taking a stab at some Haikus based on the true meaning of Christmas, but I'm not much on poetry. What do you think? :-)
   ~Posted by Katie, Dec 5, 2007

Dec 5, 2007
yeahrr...I think you should all do the Christmas Haiku. :)
   ~Posted by Douglas, Dec 5, 2007

Dec 5, 2007
There I edited it. My mom checked it first.
   ~Posted by Mathax, Dec 5, 2007

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