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Scraps of Paper: A journal entry on writing.
Posted by Sylvan Sylph, Jul 16, 2008. 1400 views. ID = 1490

Scraps of Paper

Posted by Sylvan Sylph, Jul 16, 2008. 1400 views. ID = 1490
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When I was in college I made it through three and a half years never having a class prior to 8:30 AM. My last semester I got stuck with an 8:00 AM class. This is raw deal for a senior. We won't talk about how often I was late for class.

I chose to make the most of a less than preferable situation by taking the hour I had between class and chapel to eat breakfast and do some writing. This is one of the journal entries that resulted from that semester. The formating was quite different originally, which made the piece more interesting, but, alas, the internet prevents me from duplicating it.
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Scraps of paper on which I write my wandering thoughts, these loose leaves or bound pages contain a lifetime of thoughts, ideas, memories, and questions and an entire existence of contemplation, emotion, reflection, and conjecture.

Why do I write these things? To what end do I pour my thoughts out to the empty page, filling line after line? Is it for some hope of immortality through these words, some idea of importance or fame? Or is it a tool, simply used to organize the meanderings of my mind? I do not know which of these holds most true. But I know that I cannot cease from writing these lines, nor do I wish to try.

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This post has been awarded 12 stars by 3 readers.
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