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Endless Sound: Wishing for quieter, simpler days.
Posted by Sylvan Sylph, Sep 3, 2008. 1405 views. ID = 1678

Endless Sound

Posted by Sylvan Sylph, Sep 3, 2008. 1405 views. ID = 1678
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I am often frustrated with the constant bombardment my mind undergoes on a daily basis. I find myself wishing for the endless hours I spent in the woods as a child, with only the sounds of nature and perhaps a good book competing for my attention. The noisiness of the world today can feel overwhelming. Some days I carry the quietness of those childhood days in my heart as a shield against the chaos of my life. Other days it escapes me and I find myself longing for it all the more.
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Endless words tumble through my mind
Seeking meaning they never find.
I wish for silence to abound.
It never comes to gather 'round.
I miss its peaceful company;
Its quiet pleasant symphony.
I miss the calmness of the wild wood,
The laughing stream's mischievous good.
I miss the sunset's golden light,
The moon's transcendent glorious night.
I miss the gentle breeze's kiss
As it gave its sweet caress.
I miss the wildflowers' lair
Where I found them sweet and fair.
I miss the cool of smooth grey stones
Where once I went to be alone.
I miss the warmth of midday's sun
When the morning's course had run,
And the damp'ning dew had gone,
Though its sweetness lingered long.
I miss the places in my heart
Where once I went to find a start,
A place to escape the world around,
The violent noise and empty sound.
But where do I go when I find
The world has reached inside my mind?
Who will win this battleground
Between quiet peace and endless sound?

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This post has been awarded 25 stars by 6 readers.
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Sep 6, 2008
I love how the form and flow of this poem support your title - each line goes right into the next in a sort of "endless" pattern, so that by the end, the rhythm is fully developed. Good job :-)
   ~Posted by Laura, Sep 6, 2008

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