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A Dream: Pretty fast paced and choppy, but it's based on a dream I had.
Posted by Jessablue, Feb 16, 2009. 1965 views. ID = 2356

A Dream

Posted by Jessablue, Feb 16, 2009. 1965 views. ID = 2356
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I can't keep my eyes shut, and I've got an insatiable twitch in my right foot. I've been tossing and turning for hours, staring at the ceiling. If I look long enough without blinking, maybe my lids will grow heavy and let me drift off. I'm not sure if that's working though, because all I've gotten is a tear stained pillow and dry corneas. There's this awful lump in my bed that I can't seem to get rid of, I think it's magnetically attracted to my back.

A candle is burning on my bedside table, casting shadows that look like silhouettes. I enjoy watching them, they appear to dance.
Thump.. Thump.. I must be getting sleepy, I swear I just heard a drum beat. Thump.. Thump... The dance is moving faster.

A parade of natives emanante along my wall, chanting, shrieking and banging their drums in a frenzy. I quickly sit up and pull my blanket to my chin. My eyes are wide as I watch the wild men perform their brutish ballet.

I jolt as a bolt of lightning explodes from the sky. It strikes the ocean with passionate fury, illuminating the rolling foam. Whoa, the sky? The ocean? I thrust my blanket, my childhood protector, away from my chin and over my head. I grip my mattress hard as I feel my bed begin to rise. Salt and froth spray my pajamas as my impromptu boat leaps across the churning waters. Lightning flashes again, revealing the savages. They waltz above the waves like painted and feathered phantoms.

I hear a deafening bellow in the sky above my head. I look up to see an immense eagle with the arms of a man swooping towards me. I cannot move, and it scoops me into its arms. The beast darts through the storming sky like a rabbit dancing with bullets.

I see the natives pointing frantically at the eagle, whooping and hollering at each other. More beasts materialize from the horizon. They spread their wings and dive at the natives, spitting and growling with anger.

The air around my head bends as an arrow whizzes past my ear. The natives roar with applause as an eagle falls. Then two, then three. One by one they drop from the sky. My eagle unleashes a terrible scream as stone wedges itself into his downy chest. He releases his hold, and we both go tumbling down to the swirling sea. Unable to make any sound, I gasp and jam my eyes shut. Terrified, I open my eyes just in time to see my death before I slam into it at full force. The black waves fold over each other in excitement, seething with joy at the prospect of swallowing me.

BEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! I grimace. BEEEEEEEEP! I throw my hands to my face, teeth clenched and prepared for pain. BEEEEEEEEEP! I feel nothing... Only warmth. I am still alive? I open my eyes and nearly shout with happiness. I am alive! My alarm clock is ringing, a noise I'd never thought could be so welcoming. I shut it off and gaze lovingly around my room. The candle on my bedside table has burned down to the glass bottom, and the sun is stretching through my window. I lowered my face to my hands as I reflected on the harrowing images from my dream. But as I stood up and rubbed the grit out of my eyes, slowly they sank out of sight.

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This post has been awarded 10 stars by 2 readers.

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