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Procrastinator: We are all procrastinators...
Posted by KC Rell, Dec 1, 2008. 2351 views. ID = 2069


Posted by KC Rell, Dec 1, 2008. 2351 views. ID = 2069
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This was fun to write =D
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We are all procrastinators. Whether we like to admit it or not, we truly are. All of us. Yes, you too.

Whether we say “I’m a vegetarian tomorrow!” like what I often do (because honestly, eating animals makes me sick), but then we are caught smelling the juicy, sweet smell of chicken cooking…no, you are not a vegetarian.

Or, “I’ll wake up in five minutes…” Then you wake up an hour later.

Yes, we are all procrastinators. But seriously, can you please not wait until a special holiday like Christmas to clean out my litter box?

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This post has been awarded 12 stars by 3 readers.
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Dec 2, 2008
Cute. I did have to read the last line a couple times, though, to figure out what you were trying to say.

"Can you not wait" is very similar to "can't you wait," but if you substitute that, you'll see that you're asking "Can't you wait until a holiday..."

Which (I think) is the opposite of what you mean.

Maybe something like, "Could you please not wait until..." which makes it more clear what you're trying to say.

Does that make sense?
   ~Posted by Douglas, Dec 2, 2008

KC Rell
Dec 2, 2008
Sort of :D
   ~Posted by KC Rell, Dec 2, 2008

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