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Five Feet From Me: When you're so close to someone but yet so different..
Posted by KC Rell, Sep 14, 2008. 1547 views. ID = 1714

Five Feet From Me

Posted by KC Rell, Sep 14, 2008. 1547 views. ID = 1714
This post was written in 5 minutes.
We were just driving a really long drive and the sun was about to go down, so I could barely see when I wrote this. I just decided to assign myself to something, so I just looked out the window and guess what I saw..?
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He's carved his name
into me,
and now I'll have him

I watch him
whenever he comes near,
and hope he sees me.
He never has before.

Until one day,
while I'm eating,
he sits five feet from me
to write.
I can't breathe.

He leaves,
as soon as a girl rides up
on a white pony.
He smiles at her,
like nothing else
in the world matters.
Why can't he see me?

She gets off
of her white pony,
and he takes her hand.
I wish he could take mine,
but I don't have any;
at least not to him.

The sun has gone
by the time he comes back
with the girl,
and her pony.
Time seems to go by
so slow
when he's gone.

They sit
five feet from me,
and talk about summer,
and the beach.
Somewhere I'd like
to be.

They sit
and stare at the stars
billions of miles away.
He calls them cool,
she calls them pretty,
I say they're beautiful.

I laugh and point
at a falling star,
shooting across the sky.
But he doesn't see it,
because now he's holding
and telling her she's more
than the stars.

Why can't he tell me that?

Now he's leaving,
but before he goes,
he carves her name
under his,
with a heart in between.

He loves her.
What did I expect?
A human like himself
could never love
a tree.

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This post has been awarded 31 stars by 8 readers.


Sep 15, 2008
Very clever idea, Kylee. :)
   ~Posted by Douglas, Sep 15, 2008

Sep 16, 2008
Lol. That's hilarious. It's real good though!
   ~Posted by Hannah, Sep 16, 2008

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