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Hey my name is KC and I'm, uh, 14 years old. I'm kind of a people hater, no offense to anyone but they annoy me for some reason...yeah I'm probably insane. So for anyone calling me shy, see how I act with my family. I've been told to shut up more than 100 times a day because I just chatter on and on, which I don't think is a bad thing, but you never know with other people, like, if they find it annoying or something. People often call me, er, emo because of that, and I just wanted to clear up that I'm not just because I like black and I'm quiet, and my favorite bands just happen to be people like 30 Seconds to Mars and Three Days Grace.
I mean, I may listen to weird music, but you should see the music my friends listen to. Just got caught up with one of my friends from our old town and her music is like...yeesh. You thought The Grudge was scary? Listen to a music version of it. How the crap can someone like music that just screams (yes, screams) on and on about how they want to die?

Anyways, back to me...I have 3 dogs which I do not hate, but Bubbles Aurora and Tripett (especially Aurora; Bubbles is a sweetheart) are so annoying. They just chirp all freaking day until the point where you want to blow your ears out, and when you start talking above them they do this weird noise that has a striking resemblance to me when I'm angry (no kidding. Talk about psycho creatures.)
My dogs I love to death, probably more than I should, probably more than any of my friends and, shock, probably even more than "some" members of my immediate family. I've had my oldest dog since I was 2, so you can see how I'm so attached to her right there. With my -ahem- other dog, it's kind of a love-hate relationship. She thinks I'm a kid for some reason, so she's ALWAYS trying to play with me: bringing me toys, etc.

Oh my gosh. Anyways, I don't have many friends, probably because I'm such a quiet person and no one really notices me until I, for instance, move or something. And when I do have friends, they're friends for life. I used to basically live with one of my friends to the point where we were like sisters.
I'm the youngest of 9 kids, which, yeah, all you saying, "That's awesome!" uh, NO, it's not. Not when everytime you visit your family members they don't call you, oh, "Kylee" and instead call you "Number 9." And my birthday just happens to be in January, the day when all of my neices and nephews just decided to be born just then so I'm lucky if anyone remembers.

I have been said to look like a vampire before, so that kind of sucks, right? I mean, I'm not overexaggerating when I get mad about that.

I spend most my time writing, reading, and...oh, reading. I write mostly poems, but I've written a lot of starting books that I never finished. Hopefully I will one day, just not any time soon. I think.

One last thing: I'm extremely claustrophobic. I hate being in tight spaces. But, for some reason, I absolutely love the forest and hate open spaces. I can't handle being crammed, but I hate being in the middle of attention. When the spotlight is on me, especially from direct questions, my mind shuts down and I can't think. When all my family is talking and they notice, Hey, she hasn't said anything! and decide to throw a question on me just for the heck of it to make me feel there, I HATE that. And, also shock, it's not funny when everyone feels the need to bring me to more attention by talking about me for the next 5 minutes, saying how "creepy I am" (kudos to Han) and how I just "sit in the corner all black and scary" (kudos to Kay).

But, yeah, I may sound mean, but I'm really not.
Ok I used to have my favorite singers but...30 Seconds to Mars!
That is all.
I have suddenly become a HUGE fan of theirs. Every single one of their songs I love.

See ya around.
PS: Yes, I'm a girl -.-'

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Feb 3, 2009
Mmm-hmmm. *coughs lightly*

Feb 3, 2009
You're a freak. We HAVE to try to find that movie. It was like the Irish lephrachaun {is that how to spell it?} and the unicorn. Oooohhhh, it was hilarious. "You're always after me Lucky Charms!" Hahahahahaha. And then he had to try to have a French accent too. That was really funny. "Do you like mustard?" That was creepy. They're like, "What's wrong?!" and he's like, "I found a jar of mayonnaise!" That was so freaky! Oooohhh, the Court Jester, what a good movie. Court Jester, Court Jester, rattlesnake, hockey puck, monkey, monkey underpants. :D

Feb 2, 2009
Yes, I did mean those two words.....hush, you. I'm not in a block about Fate Marked, just for poems. I haven't written one in MONTHS.

That's what happened with Nevaeh. She hated the last two names I gave her. Yurio likes his name and won't let me change it. He can be very....persuasive. :P He was like Ariel on Little Mermaid, when Eric is guessing the names. He said "ick" every time I tried a name. He's very stubborn. He REALLY didn't like Adam. :D

Feb 2, 2009
I suck at short stories and besides, I'm completely *extatic*. {Only you know what I mean.} I couldn't write an intelliable sentence now. I don't think I'm even spelling things right. {Did I spll extatic and intelliable right? I don't think so.....}

Feb 2, 2009
What's next? Don't know. I'm having writers block. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..................

Nov 21, 2008
uhhh! Blutheringness.

Nov 18, 2008

Nov 17, 2008
what? what's pretty?

Nov 13, 2008
Hush you!

Oct 11, 2008
No idea. :P I'm kind of crazy sometimes.

Oct 10, 2008
Well, it is. I LOVE it! (Who's that?)

Oct 6, 2008
That song=hate. Gosh, you keep repeating that song && I'm going crazy! Stop it!

Oct 4, 2008
He is. He has his eyes on you at all times. His eyes are the hands of the clock. Creepy, huh? I love Bert. He rocks. And rolls. Hahahahahahahahahaha. So, whatcha' up to? Well, actually, you're sitting on the couch reading, but whatcha' up to when you're going to be reading this? :D Yep, I'm bored and I want chocolate milk so bad. I'm getting my permit on Monday! Just thought you should know. Again.

Sep 14, 2008
Thanks for your comment. :-)

Aug 15, 2008
kk going going gone.

Aug 14, 2008
OK, good 'nuf! :D

Aug 13, 2008
No offense to all of those people named George. :P

Aug 13, 2008
lol. No. George is such a stupid name!

Aug 12, 2008
Life with the clock has it's ups and downs, but we've learned to live through it. Oh, and 'The Clock's" name is Bert, just to tell you. {It hurts his feelings when he isn't called by his name.} Every time I log on I say "hello Bert" and he says, "hello Hannah." :P But he's been having a problem with my newest poem because he thinks it should be about him, but every relationships has its ups and downs. We'll get through it. We always do. Just pray for us. :D

Aug 10, 2008
I'll show you later! :D

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