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Thunder Storm: Some thoughts on a recent storm
Posted by Josiah T., Jun 26, 2008. 2097 views. ID = 1428

Thunder Storm

Posted by Josiah T., Jun 26, 2008. 2097 views. ID = 1428
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The storm is real, but I wasn't actually at home when it happened. The thought really did cross my mind tho...
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Blinding light flashes outside my window. A deep rumbling noise reverberates off the surrounding mountains. Amid the rumbling and crashing of the thunder, the soft pitter-patter of rain can be heard as it falls on the grass.

A gust of wind rushes by, shaking the trees. More soon follows, and the soft rush becomes a roar. The pitter-patter of the rain turns to loud crashes on the roof.

Standing in front of the back window, I observe the storm from the safety of the house. Hail the size of ping-pong balls is now falling, bouncing off the metal roof, and then melting soon after striking the ground.

I hear a crack loud crack. A branch from the neighbors apple tree has been torn off by the wind. The birch trees in the back yard are swaying dangerously.

I drive through town after the storm is over. Or I try to. Trees are down over the roads and power lines. Most of the town is without electricity. As I drive back toward home, the thought enters my mind: "How can one see this and not believe in the existence of God?"

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This post has been awarded 23 stars by 6 readers.


Jun 27, 2008
Nice descriptions. I was down in Oxford last week during a hail storm. The sound of hail pounding against the wood shed's metal roof was really thunderous.

I was thinking about writing a piece about that myself - or maybe writing a piece about how terrified the poor dog was!
   ~Posted by Douglas, Jun 27, 2008

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