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Observations... On the Amusements of a Cat: what cats do for fun
Posted by wordsmith, Mar 25, 2009. 977 views. ID = 2490

Observations... On the Amusements of a Cat

Posted by wordsmith, Mar 25, 2009. 977 views. ID = 2490
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A cat does not play checkers, or monopoly, or solitaire. A cat does not play at tea parties or dress up or Barbie Dolls. Though a great many cats are quite fond of staring contests and hide and seek, as long as they are the ones doing all the hiding and you are the one doing all the seeking. A cat will sometimes play tag, if the dog is swift enough to catch the cat and doesn’t mind being caught in return. A cat is also not adverse to a good game of soccer, if the ball jingles and no score is kept. Some cats will watch T.V. if it is showing a wildlife show or a sport with a moving ball or puck that they can chase across the screen. Some cats even take great pleasure in watching dust fall in the sunlight or watching birds through the window glass. A cat might even play the piano if you leave the keys uncovered, though very rarely well. For a cat, even a late afternoon nap can become a form of amusement.
Though they have many games to choose from, a cat’s favorite game to play is the Let’s-Watch-Things-Fall game. The rules of this game are simple. First, find someplace high off the ground like a table or a counter. Next, find something on it to push around with your paw and knock over the edge. Then you stare forlornly after the thing as it falls and keep looking at it indignantly until a human comes along, picks it up, and puts it back on the table for you to knock off all over again. If no one comes by to pick it up then just find something else to knock over. Above all you must be patient when playing this game. Eventually someone will notice and come over to make a scene. This game is especially entertaining when played at night on top of a dresser when the humans are asleep.
Though a cat might find this game very amusing, the average human does not. This misunderstanding can lead to a very confused cat being thrown outside in the middle of the night wondering what on earth they did wrong. Luckily by the time the humans let the cat back inside the next morning the cat has moved on and holds no grudge. Cats can sometimes be very forgiving souls.
In the end, though a cat cannot play video games or thumb wrestle or read a book, and though a cat cannot hula hoop or ride a bike or play tic-tac-toe, the amusements that a cat does keep are entirely more than adequate. The only thing more fun for a cat to play with than a jingle ball or a paper bag or a bit of string, is the person holding on to the other end of the string, their beloved owner. Though at times the amusements of a cat may take on strange and un-fathomable forms, we are never to busy to play along if it makes a cat happy.

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This post has been awarded 7 stars by 2 readers.
This post is Part 1 of a writing series titled Observations.... The next part of this series can be found here: Observations... On What the Snow Left Behind.


Nov 18, 2009
I really like this piece of writing . It made me think of my cat at the house.
   ~Posted by robin, Nov 18, 2009

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