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My Robin: An author is isnpired by the past to write an new version of an old tale
Posted by wordsmith, Sep 8, 2009. 1114 views. ID = 2843

My Robin

Posted by wordsmith, Sep 8, 2009. 1114 views. ID = 2843
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Written last night around midnight. It will probably never amount to much but might prove useful inspiration for a future work. If I can find the time between homework.
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Ever since my mother taught me to read at the age of four, I have always had a distinct fondness for the written word and stories of all sorts. As a child, I had two favorites among all others, King Arthur, and Robin Hood. Even today I still find something thrilling in reading about a time before the invention of the gun, when folks like Arthur and his knights fought with sword and shield, and when Robin Hood split arrows in half with his longbow. It helped, of course, that both swore to uphold justice and defend the innocent, protecting those who were unable to protect themselves.

I feel that I should pause here to say that, though I am quite fond of medieval weaponry, I have nothing against guns, other than their noise, which is an inevitable part of their design. I have been known to take a few shots with the rifle and pistol myself. But there’s just something about the look and feel of the long bow. Call me a romantic, but I have never had occasion to see the equal of a longbow’s grace and beauty in a gun.

It should come as no surprise then when I say that of my two favorites, if I had to pick one, it would be, beyond a doubt, Robin Hood. Many is the time when, as a child, I would fall asleep and dream of being an outlaw, living in the forest with nothing to aid me but my quick wits and trusty longbow. Just last night I dreamed that dream again, and it was just as exhilarating as I remembered. I have even become a little obsessed with Robin Hood during my waking hours, reading many books about or inspired by the famous outlaw. I recently bought my very first copy of Green Arrow and, having devoured it ravenously quick and finding myself without ready reading material, have decided to write my very own Robin Hoodesque story.

I would have written all this down in the leather bound journal I bought along with my copy of Green Arrow at the Barnes and Noble, but I am unsure what this story will amount to, if anything. And besides, I highly doubt it will be long enough to fill a two hundred page volume. At any rate, I will give it a shot and hope for the best. You never know, I might just hit a bull’s-eye yet.

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This post has been awarded 12 stars by 3 readers.

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