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Jack Frost Part Duex: When winter's gone, what happens to Jack?
Posted by wordsmith, Dec 2, 2009. 1899 views. ID = 2994

Jack Frost Part Duex

Posted by wordsmith, Dec 2, 2009. 1899 views. ID = 2994
This post was written in 5 minutes.
Inspired by similar thoughts to those that came up with my other Jack Frost poem.
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I'm sure you'ce heard of Jack Frost, how he visits in the night,
so when you wake the land is changed and covered o're with white.
But what happens to 'ol Jack Frost when the summer comes around
and all is green and sunshine, does he leave or stick around?

Does he travel to the arctic, bringing ice caps to the poles?
Does he melt away like snowflakes that land near buring coals?
When it's summer time where you live does he simply pack his things
and go to a different hemisphere that's fall instead of spring?
Or maybe all that hard work had begun to wear him down
and he decides to hibernate in a hole down in the ground.

There must be some wise expert in meteorology,
who could give an answer, but that would ruin the mystery.
Who needs to know for certain when wond'ring is much more fun,
a mystery's exciting, life's boring when there's none.

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This post has been awarded 19 stars by 5 readers.
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Silver Crow
Jan 7, 2010
I think Mr. Jack puts on his top hat
And lumbers out of town
With Frosty his friend, at winter's long end
Somewhere as not to be found . . .
To . . .
Rest and veg - take off the edge
From his busy winter season
Of riming the world with beauty unfurled
Magnificent beyond word or reason . . .
And . . .
To design even more of his glorious hoar
To paint on all of creation
The next time around from heaven to ground
For mankind's new winter elation.

   ~Posted by Silver Crow, Jan 7, 2010

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