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Forgotten Past: :)
Posted by Hannah, Feb 20, 2011. 1479 views. ID = 4375

Forgotten Past

Posted by Hannah, Feb 20, 2011. 1479 views. ID = 4375
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Memories of a twisted and broken past,
trying to break free, but they can’t, can’t.
Dances and joy, darkness and fog;
Joyful laughter ringing through the air
of a place where no evil had ever come.
A slight shift in the wind,
that spark of light, of good,
so small within me,
burning and festering brightly under your intense care.

Glitter and tapping, tapping shoes,
innocence so profound it cannot be expressed.
It is a glowing white, silver in the moonlight,
unbreakable and yet, oh, so frail and easily torn.

Foggy crystal, bouncing light off of blinking walls.
A long forgotten childhood, pushed away to survive,
the one hope for a hopeless, cold heart,
a trust profound and lost in the mist.

Why is the darkness so ever present,
sitting and waiting for Hope’s demise?
Stalking the helpless as the strong watch,
always there when trust falters,
but never helping before it is most needed,
not allowed to join in the fight
until they are truly needed,
until it really is too late.

How can I remember what my mind wants me to forget?
Why are you the only one who can help me?
The tears I shed, always caught in the palm of your hand.
Your hands on my shoulders, golden comfort never before felt.
In this cold, hard world, you’re shining, loving, bright.
You bring back the pink of innocence,
fight against the old memories that haunt me.
You tear down the walls of hate that have perpetually surrounded me,
that I have always succumbed to.
Will you always be there, a promise finally fulfilled?

How can I remember what my mind, body and heart want me to forget?

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This post has been awarded 2 stars by 1 reader.

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