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KC Rell
Mar 7, 2009
And the funny thing is I didn't even realize it. I'm just getting so used to hearing it that it took me a minute to realize it. xD Yes, I'm officially insane.

Feb 11, 2009
It was Hybrid

KC Rell
Feb 3, 2009
Shutup. Tell me that's not one word, woman!

KC Rell
Feb 3, 2009
"I found a jar of mayonnaise!" Oh I screamed at that part. I really did. I love the part where he's like, "Come in come in wherever you are! I request your immediate presence at Carey's nasty worship thing." Never seen court jester. HA! I hate old movies. Except for SITR. I think it was called 'legends of the unicorn' or something. "You always after me lucky charms!" Yes, that was pretty funny.

KC Rell
Feb 3, 2009
Isn't Adam the name of her father? Yeah, Yurio totally fits him. Don't change it. Oh gosh, I am. I can't think of anything. Everytime I try to think of something, it's like my mind is mad at me. A huge wall comes up and I can't think. Oh, should I change her hair color? Should I change Rena's hair from black? Oh, that reminds me. I have too much black on my pages everywhere. I really should add some color. You know what has a lot of color? Rainbows. But there's always a pot of gold under them, right? Oh, remember that movie we watched with the rainbow and the weird midgit dude? That was pretty funny. I love funny movies. That's probably why I loved Singing in the Rain so much. I wonder how old the people are who play in that movie. But they can't be dead, right? You know who's dead? That guy from Holes. Ohh, butterfly! STOP IT! Concentrate! You know, concentrate is a long word. Do I ever use concentrate in my book? I don't think so...

KC Rell
Feb 2, 2009
You mean ecstatic and intelligible? Yeah, I do believe you are going...partly insane, I think. Is it just me or do you just absolutely love Georgia font?
So hey, I'm having the same thing you have. I have NO IDEA what part(s) to write next in my book. Partly because I'm starting to get a little -yawn- bored with the story. I still haven't mastered writing boring parts yet. All I can think of are exciting things to happen, but then I think it through and either a) I have no idea how to write it b) it's too long or c) it's completely and utterly pointless.
Oh yeah, and one of them just smacked me upside the head. He doesn't like his name...so I changed it x']

KC Rell
Feb 2, 2009
Uh-huh. -sarcastic- SURE I'm more talented -rolls eyes-. Write a short story!

KC Rell
Feb 1, 2009
Hey, nice little collection of poems you got there, eh? What's next?

Jan 25, 2009
thanks for your comments Hannah, i have books of stuff I have writtne, some very dark and some fun ones, i write down thoughts that flick through my head then slowly work them into poetry, or sometimes i write a whole one on an hour. it just comes to me. keep trying hun, to me poetry is words that come from the heart, they dont have to rhyme or make sense to anyone else.

Rabbit Stu
Dec 31, 2008
Getting the right rhyme can be really challenging. You would probably be surprised at the number of times I write and rewrite a line for no other reason than that I think the rhyme sounds cheesy.

Sometimes I'll just toss an entire stanza and try to think of a different way of wording the same idea, just for the sake of getting the rhyme right.

Of course, that doesn't show up in my "time posted," because I often do it offline and then post it all at once, so it looks like I wrote it very quickly!

And in this one I still didn't get it perfect, because have and laugh and not true rhymes...

Dec 28, 2008
Thank you, Hannah. I am glad you liked it.

Rabbit Stu
Dec 25, 2008
Thanks, Hannah - I'm glad I can make you laugh!

KC Rell
Dec 10, 2008
P.S. I got my copy of the anthology. I was so excited until my mom showed my prose to our Bishop.


Still laughing :'D

Dec 6, 2008
I see what you mean. I found some bits and pieces online that is really funny. :)

Dec 4, 2008
He's Captain Kirk and he is quite the lady's man.

Dec 4, 2008
Is he William Shatner or Patrick Stewart? I know that William Shatner Wanted to be in the new movie that is coming out but as that is set before the the other movies and they couldn't make it work. But they have Lenard Nemoy in it. He played Mr. Spock in TOS and in the TNG episode with him. He also Directed the 4 star trek Movie. Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) hasn't died yet in the movies. Captain Kirk (William Shatner) did tho.

Dec 3, 2008
Point taken? Now there are 4 more star trek movies that I forgot about, These ones are from the crew of TNG. The first one is who they bring Captain Kirk back and then kill him and at the same time destroying the enterprise D. So the second movie is were a race of cyber beings called the Borg attack the earth and go back in time to the year 2015 the time when humans discover warp technology and make first contact with the Valcans. The borg try to stop first contact but the enterprise was cought in the back wash of the temporal shift and was unaffected so they follow the borg through the temporal shift and make sure first contact happens when it is suppose to. The third one is during a war that is in DS9 and they are protecting paradise from a race called the Asona and from a star fleet duck blind. (something that they use to watch developing civilizations.) the planet was settled by a race called the Backu and the strange part of space where they are repairs the damage done to cells so it will make them live forever. The Sona developed technology that will take the stuff from the space and turn it into a drug. but it would distroy the planet and Captain Picard would not let that happen. So a interesting battle insures. The last one is about the Romulans that want peace and with a subplot of Commander Riker and Counselor Troi get married and at the end they leave for their new ship. Also we have a clone of Captain Picard that has a very interesting view on how peoples lives affect who they become.

Dec 2, 2008
That's something like all the CSI (that I don't follow) don't they have CSI CSI new york CSI Miami CSI los Vegas? The BBC over in England has it with Doctor Who. They have the ones from way back in the 60's and then they have the new Doctor Who and they have a spin off called Torchwood and they have another spin off of one of the doctors traveling companions and this one is for much younger people and is called the adventures of Sarah Jane. I Do try and follow that but it is in England and doesn't play in the states

Dec 2, 2008
The bald Man would be Captain Picard, The man with the ridges on his head is a Klingon called LT. Worf. The robot is called Data and is the 3 in command of the enterprise.

Dec 1, 2008
I don't know his name... As for star trek the list is the different series that have come out over the years. The new movie set at the time period of the original series. which has about 3 seasons and 6 movies ATM. The next one came out about 20 years after the original and it was called the next generation. This is set about 100 years in the future of TOS. The next one is Deep space 9 and instead of having a star ship that you are following you are watching a space station and that came out while TNG was still running during its 5 season I think and is set to concur with the TNG time line. The next one is voyager and that is about a star ship called voyager. It branches off of DS9 and follows one of the sub plots about a group a terrorist and then you end up 70 years from earth at warp 9 (that is light speed raised to the ninth power.) The last series is called enterprise and is set 100 years before the original series. and I don't know much about that one. :) there that was a "quick" over view of star trek.

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