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.A SHAMBLING ANTI-EPITAPH INTRO (A L'AUTO-DA-FE).: Prefacing More Antiplanetary Orientation.
Posted by Marcus S.A. Grey, Mar 9, 2016. 1080 views. ID = 7109


Posted by Marcus S.A. Grey, Mar 9, 2016. 1080 views. ID = 7109
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This post is Part 1 of a writing series titled .ADD. X-6: THE NETHERZONE DAMNATIONS..

RECORDED below are each of those Shambling Sort-O'-Epitaphs (unflattering as the Pseudo-In-Memorium Content of these Living Headstones/Torso-Boards may be) that everyone of Our Dunderdome, Sugarloaf-Coned, 'Everdead shall Hereafter be compelled, Inquisitorial-Samorra-Style, to sport.* All according to the Divinity-Rendered Verdicts of A Certain Cosmically-Nascent, Continuum-Penetrating, Intellect which (conscience-stricken by the Desperate, Darwinistic, Necessities of the Carbon-Based, Linear, Biologically-Individualized, Forms in which IT had found ITSELF disseminated) had Crystal-Cut or Basalt-Blown, Toledo-Steeled, this Freak Species of Post-Obitum Disclamation -- from the Macroplasmic, Symbiotically-Reanimate, Stuff of Neo-Olympoid Organism -- in the very-first place. For reason of Their Bicephalously-Self-Confessed Condition of Mea Culpa, Metaphysically-Miscarried, Revenance, Such Stillborn Nouveaux to wander Thus, & Forevermore, Horde-Swarming the Sanguine-Skied, Clot-Washed, Vomit-Sopping, Hades-Like, Island-Chains of this So-Supposed Grey Dwarf's Southernmost, Sub-Polar, Volcanically-Active -- Yea E'en A-Bomb-Hot -- Demetrium-Sweating, Deolith-Blistering, Torridly-Plutonian, Netherzone.... * On the occasion of an especially-epic imputation, the excess content thereof, prolix or no (including footnotes), has been relegated to the slightly-raised, bas-relief-like, image of a dubiously-literate tattooee's, though-so-often-pedantic, borderline-puerile, overabundance of scar-tissuey inscriptions -- to the exoskeletal, metalliferous-to-feldspathose, superficially-diverse, cosmetically-sexual, membranes of these Living-Dead Exceptions to an Otherwise-Beatitudinous, Happily-Hunting, Spawn, A la Dark Star.

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This post is Part 1 of a writing series titled .ADD. X-6: THE NETHERZONE DAMNATIONS.. The next part of this series can be found here: [.UNTITLED.].
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