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.ADD. X-1: THE ICONOCLASTIX ANNOTATION [Pxiv].: Glorified Footnote to an As-of-Yet-Unspecified Work. Fourteenth Paragraph.
Posted by Marcus S.A. Grey, Mar 17, 2015. 986 views. ID = 6940


Posted by Marcus S.A. Grey, Mar 17, 2015. 986 views. ID = 6940
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A la Experimental Introduction to the Gorgeously-grotesque Worlds of 'Weird Beat Prose-Poetry' (Epic; of course).
This post is Part 14 of a writing series titled .ADD. X-1: THE ICONOCLASTIX ANNOTATION..

"'THUS the Never-ending, Self-inflicted, Detention of Each, Finally, Once-&-For-All, Recombined (Not So Snowflaky After All; No More, If Ever -- Relative-Dearth-Of-Ingredients-Meets-Might-As-Well-Be-Infinite-Space-&-Far-As-We're-Concerned-Eternal-Time -- If Ever, Transmigratory) Archetype; Every Future-Doomed, Tomorrow-Lost, Forever Dead, Citizen Lich (following the Insipidly-seasoned Precedents set by Their Wineskin-dry, New-Vino-leaking, Shepherds; Sans-Foreskin-or-No) in no fashion seeing fit to -- virtually lobotomized by this Chronic, Pathologically-obstinate, Ghoul-guilty Hostage Complex -- acknowledge the Manifaceted, Multi-manorial, Specifications of Our Grand Animator's Collected, Complete, More-Than-Merely-One-Off, One-Trick-Pony, One-Hit-Wonder, Works; Ambitiously-Would-Be Pack Leaders: Every One; perceiving in the Terrestrial Continuum's Most-Plutonian Tiers not only a Perpetual Speculaton In Worldly Renown, but also the De Sade Domination which They So-Richly-deserve for having thereby prostituted, in Such Order-pecking, Team-picking, Bear-baiting, Backbitng, Runt-punking, Fencepost-pissing, Ways, Said AEon; that Cosmic Classroom which We have since come to, in retrospect, christen Special Ed existing solely for the Corporal Readjustment of Such Developmentally-arrested Specimens (not to be confused with those Non Grata Colonists whom Its Study-Hall-flunking Pupils did actually have the unimaginable audacity to really reckon so).

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This post is Part 14 of a writing series titled .ADD. X-1: THE ICONOCLASTIX ANNOTATION.. The next part of this series can be found here: .ADD. X-1: THE ICONOCLASTIX ANNOTATION [Pxv]..
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