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.ADD. X-1: THE ICONOCLASTIX ANNOTATION [Pxiii].: Glorified Footnote to an As-of-Yet-Unspecified Work. Thirteenth Paragraph.
Posted by Marcus S.A. Grey, Feb 24, 2015. 1103 views. ID = 6918


Posted by Marcus S.A. Grey, Feb 24, 2015. 1103 views. ID = 6918
This post was written in 135 minutes.
A la Experimental Introduction to the Gorgeously-grotesque Worlds of 'Weird Beat Prose-Poetry' (Epic; of course).
This post is Part 13 of a writing series titled .ADD. X-1: THE ICONOCLASTIX ANNOTATION..

[Pxiii] "'Contrary to what the Still-bleeding Hearts of these Living Dead Flower Folk would have Us, Even Now, believe, the Final Demise of that Elder Great Gaea had not come about by Adam-&-Eve's Presumption of Deity-endowed Dominion; but rather through His-or-Her Individual, Psychogenic, Fig-Leaf-shrinking, Fight-or-Fleeing, Big-Cat-arousing, Impotence in the Fang-baring, Pockmarked, Radiation-burned Face of this Magna Mater the First which had led to Such Glorified Extortion Rackets as were the Feudal Institutions (excepting The Religious only insofar as It did not demand compensation for Clerical Services Thusly-rendered); the ultimately-unavoidable summit of which being a Globe-encompassing Proliferation of Technocratic, Megamurderous, Overhomocidal, Collectively-Oligarchical, Super-Bureaucracies; In-Uniform &/or With-degree Elitists unable to look upon what the Little, Inveterate Gambler which lives inside Every Willing Seeker of Promotion within The Corporation assumes -- being of that Probationer-or-Parolee Programme earlier alluded to; and which makes One, By Nature, not only a Hostile Alien to the Very Notion of Neo-Edenic Hope to be found in Future Faith, but blind as well to the Omnipresent House Advantage to which even the High-&-Mighty Opposition, to the Multi-millennial Bliss which Alchemical Adventism and Cryptonatural Symbiosis bestows unconditonally upon Their Global, But-Not-In-Every-Case-Grateful, Beneficiaries, must at length succumb (if it had been All-along As-manufactured Natures to be virturous there would have been no cause for the Be-good Instruction; nor would it have been to Our Credit to Self-determine, in spite of this Necessarily-evil Conditioning, an Alternative Earth in which Universal Fraternity and Unadulterated Equality-For-All be The Rule Absolute) -- assumes to be the Ditch-digging, Lavatory-scouring, Fry-cooking, Hedge-trimming, Lawn-mowing, Field-ploughing, Bed-making, Scivy-sniffing, Wet-nursing, Diaper-changing, Fruit-picking, Garbage-hauling, Litter-picking, Full-Time-But-Not-For-Profit-Tolling, Breadline-or-Soup-Kitchen-standing, Spare-Change-begging, Even Trick-turning, Ends of a All-Lord-knowing, Every-Knee-bent, Sphere Absolutely Free from Every-conceivable Disease To Treat, Infirmity To Nurse, Criminal To Catch, Subject To Judge, Enemy To Fight, Pupil To Teach, Lonliness To Ease; deeming it a by-far better option to risk the dubious-at-best, always fleetng prospect of Top Floor, Ivory Spire Life than to endure An Eternity without those Meritorious Awards which had once so-distinguished Them from the Greater, Per Capita, Mass of Humanity....

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This post is Part 13 of a writing series titled .ADD. X-1: THE ICONOCLASTIX ANNOTATION.. The next part of this series can be found here: .ADD. X-1: THE ICONOCLASTIX ANNOTATION [Pxiv]..
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