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Where are the Poets?: A poem questioning my generation and its expertice in liberal arts, honing in in on poets and the mind assoiciated with them
Posted by gabemay, Jun 21, 2013. 1187 views. ID = 6315

Where are the Poets?

Posted by gabemay, Jun 21, 2013. 1187 views. ID = 6315
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Where are the poets?
The ones who quietly question?
The silent word weavers?
Where are the preposterous philosophies
That once were repeatedly revered?
Where are the curious creators
Of the alphabetic art?
Do they sit in solitary shadows?
Are they dancing daringly in their minds,
Endeavoring to trust the tentative truth?
Or do they blissfully beckon the shadows,
By ignoring the potent power of the pen?
Are they defiantly drowning in
The sea of implicated imaginations?
When will they return, reform, rise again?
Will they delve deeper in their zombie-like-state.
Or will the spontaneous spark of
Perspective analysis begin to burn brightly?
Where are the poets?

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