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To Defeat Writers Block: A poem describing the key to overcoming writers block
Posted by gabemay, Jun 21, 2013. 1585 views. ID = 6314

To Defeat Writers Block

Posted by gabemay, Jun 21, 2013. 1585 views. ID = 6314
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Sitting on a page with the mighty pen in hand,
Cloudy thoughts swirl, yet none of them will land.
What will my ink inspire on this blank, stupid page?
Shall I invoke love? Or fury? Or be the mind of a sage?
And as I ponder, and think, and search, exploring for a muse...
I diagnose my dreaded illness: writers block! I have a broken fuse!
And yet still the yearning of my heart is to give birth to written arts,
So I stare, and I stare at the page...that canvas of where it all starts.
And suddenly. The floodgates open. And waves of words do flow.
And in my flurry of creation, I remember what only writers will know...
That a masterpiece of fiction is not forced, or from manipulated inspirations,
Rather it's a natural, spontaneous combustion of hidden and wonderous contemplations.

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