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A Patch of Blue: Perhaps a recount of an idyllic day. Perhaps more.
Posted by Eric, Mar 10, 2009. 1404 views. ID = 2445

A Patch of Blue

Posted by Eric, Mar 10, 2009. 1404 views. ID = 2445
This post was written in 3 minutes.
Could someone tell me how I could make the ending more powerful?
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You hear your favourite song on the radio, just as you finish your hot shower, drying yourself with hot towels out from the dryer. Maybe there are patches of black around your eyes from that long distance call which lasted from twelve to two in the morning. It was your first love – you think of her as you walk towards a really good concert, and as you do, you overhear someone quietly commenting on how great your eyes look. When the concert ends, you walk around the shops, finding out that your favourite sweater is on sale for half price. After getting that special glance from the female cashier, you unconsciously place your hands into your pockets, only to discover the twenty dollar bill you left there last winter. You buy a milkshake. As you drink it, you meet an old friend, and are left feeling great as you catch up, realizing that some things about people never change. It’s good to know that there are some people in the world you know you can cry on and talk about your deepest problems. While walking back home, you enjoy the golden sunset as you laugh for absolutely no reason at all. As the sun melts into the horizon, you lie in bed, just listening to the rain. The simple things are the best things in life, and indeed, you know that.

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This post has been awarded 12 stars by 3 readers.


Mar 10, 2009
Nice post, however I don't know about a diffent ending. I'm not thinking strait ATM so I will think about it.
   ~Posted by Mathax, Mar 10, 2009

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