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Love Never Dies a Natural Death: Roses are Red prompt poem.
Posted by Emily, Feb 13, 2014. 1176 views. ID = 6561

Love Never Dies a Natural Death

Posted by Emily, Feb 13, 2014. 1176 views. ID = 6561
This post was written in 21 minutes.
Not really liking this one. It's a bit convoluted and twisty, I think... It's difficult conveying both the desperation of feeling stagnant and stuck in a relationship, as well as the hope and the ability to pull through. Or, at least, that was the issue I was having here. The format is off, as well.

Feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Title based on the quote said by Anaïs Nin.

“Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don't know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.”

Stagnant runs the river blue
From feeder streams in mountains high.
Slowly, all speed is lost.
Now is when momentum dies.

At beginning, small and weary.
Fragile, barely dripping.
Fissures and creeks always rushing,
O'er rocks and weeds slipping.

It builds, moves, and seeps into more,
Building larger tributaries.
Life-force flows with minute drop,
The answer to life's queries.

Each added branch brings more strength,
Fortifies the hold,
Speed and might are gained here-and-there,
And the river runs bold.

But now-and-then the land is flat,
The water stops descent,
It seems the mountain has lost its strength,
Its reservoirs are spent.

Such is the manner of love,
When left to linger at length.
It pools and rests,
Swirls and sets,
And drains Lovers of their strength.

Both a driving force,
And crippling defeat,
Love can easily be.
A triumphant cry,
A teary "Goodbye" --
Your heart may choose to flee.

And in those moments where you've worked,
Struggled, and fought with all your might.
It's easy to feel lost and lonely,
To feel that maybe you've both lost sight.

Lost sight of the little things,
Those moments that make it worthwhile.
The hug, the kiss, the caressing hand
Waking up together, the soft smile.

Love is more than passionate meetings,
More than devotion and desire,
It's fighting tooth and nail
To light and re-light that fire.

When storms have come,
Floods have passed,
And your candle seems ready to burn out.
Stoke the flame,
Replace the wick,
And chase away your doubts.

Life is moving, ever flowing,
But sometimes has its ruts.
Face them with determination,
Withstand your scrapes and cuts.

The injuries of pushing forward,
And never settling for less.
Move on, move out, and find your love,
Be brave, profess, confess.

Then together grab the gates,
And let the river flow.
With both sides working,
There's no telling where you'll go.

Just remember that work and play
Must fall hand-in-hand.
Anything worth having is worth fighting for.
Stand up and take a stand.

The water of your love flows true,
Trickles through the heart's locked door,
Keep your own open and push love through,
And it will flow forevermore.

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