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A Thought on the State of Wooing: Grab Bag piece, narrative.
Posted by Emily, Jan 23, 2014. 1303 views. ID = 6528

A Thought on the State of Wooing

Posted by Emily, Jan 23, 2014. 1303 views. ID = 6528
This post was written in 10 minutes.
This post is a Grab Bag which uses the following words: sonata, fiance, propel, classified ad, loyally

Narrative piece, not polished by any means.
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Dearest Journal,

It is my sincere opinion that, even in the modern age, the practice of searching for a fiance through media of any form is a mockery of the connections society was once forced to forge. Internet access, magazine articles, even classified ads with the promise of a perfect match are thrust upon us with every bit of vigor the agencies might muster. And, beyond all belief, there are those whom would listen. I find the thought that an algorithm or some 'expert' has a better grasp of who might be well-suited to you than your heart and soul to be a disheartening one. The injustice of the speed with which the consumerist market finds new matchmaking ways to propel at its customers is appalling, and the fact that so many wayward youths are drawn into the money-making schemes of such groups worries me. The blind devotion the latest generations have found for their wifi, data plans, and all the glory o the World-Wide Web has left me at a loss for an explanation aside from the cynicism it seems our society wishes to bathe all its members in. I can only hope there are those determined to loyally stand beside the romantics willing to fight tooth-and-claw to find one another, and to dote on one-another once they have. Poetry, sonnets, pottery, paintings -- a sonata or two -- these are the methods of the classic wooers. Perhaps, through luck and guidance, they will remain prevalent in the ever-changing atmosphere of our world's culture. Otherwise, the outcome seems to me to be quite the dismal one.

A befuddled Romantic

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This post has been awarded 5 stars by 1 reader.

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