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The Loneliest Saturday: I'd never really thought of this before...
Posted by Laura, Apr 4, 2010. 973 views. ID = 3437

The Loneliest Saturday

Posted by Laura, Apr 4, 2010. 973 views. ID = 3437
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This Saturday meant very little -
chores and errands,
food and sun,
But think of how disciples quivered
as hours passed them,
one by one.

How they gathered, frightened faces,
downcast eyes,
all full of dread.
We can't imagine how their terror
was manifest
in what they said.

Or how they'd cast their whole lives on
this teacher who
had just been killed.
Was there any ray of hope that
barely flickered,
or was it stilled?

That Friday evening brought no closure
to worried hearts
and souls bereft,
And when another evening passed
without an answer,
then what was left?

Sometimes now that we know the story
we overlook
just what they bore,
But how would we hold up much better,
to spend one day
without the Lord?

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This post has been awarded 21 stars by 6 readers.


May 21, 2010
This poem has a very strong provoking nature that gets one, or least it got me, to reflect on rather ignored events surrounding the crucifiction and ressurection of Jesus. I thought the rhyming scheme was marvelous, for it really makes the poem stand out.
   ~Posted by gabemay, May 21, 2010

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