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Thank you for saying no: Something I've been reminded of lately
Posted by Laura, May 11, 2009. 1570 views. ID = 2585

Thank you for saying no

Posted by Laura, May 11, 2009. 1570 views. ID = 2585
This post was written in 4 minutes.
This is kind of a rough draft - it's late at night and I need to get to bed, but I wanted to finish this first. I intentionally avoided sticking with a strict meter, but if anyone has any suggestions about word choice or anything, let me know.
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There were times when my world was quite tiny,
and I saw little more than my wants -
when I viewed each desire like a great forest fire
leaping out and requiring response.
But in moments like these, there was wisdom enough
from those who would help me to grow -
though the cookie or toy was denied at the time,
I can thank them for telling me no.

Some years later, I took a great risk,
in confessing my love for someone,
but after the tears, they confirmed all my fears,
and what I had offered was shunned.
And yet broken hearts heal, growing stronger in time,
and I found better friends to follow.
If I saw my old flame, I would smile without shame,
and say "thank you for telling me no."

And still now, though I've learned from the past,
I still act like a child sometimes -
whether shaking my fist at the ceiling,
or pouting long past my 'bedtime.'
But I know there are plans I'm not privy to,
I need only to trust and let go,
So that when I look back, I can humbly be glad,
of the times when the answer was no.

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This post has been awarded 21 stars by 5 readers.


May 12, 2009
Laura, I absolutely love this. As you know, I don't do much of anything with meter (that's yours and Doug's area), but the thoughts presented are just great.
   ~Posted by WOW, May 12, 2009

Apr 13, 2010
Laura, yes, this is exactly how I've felt. And it reminded me that I didn't get around to answering a question you asked. Forgetful me. :-/

Clearly I missed this poem when you first posted it, because I hadn't awarded any stars. A sweet and heartfelt it!
   ~Posted by Douglas, Apr 13, 2010

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