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Eras: Not that I'm "old" but I feel like I notice it a lot more than I did as a kid
Posted by Laura, Mar 17, 2009. 1977 views. ID = 2466


Posted by Laura, Mar 17, 2009. 1977 views. ID = 2466
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I'm sitting at the end of an era and
dangling my feet over the edge,
watching the river of days move beneath them
as their colors blend together into the past.
I suppose I will miss it a little, and
perhaps will be surprised as this
blurry line between now and then
becomes more and more defined
as the stream flows by, and I wonder
what I'll tell my children about the
times they never got to absorb.

Today will soon seem to them like the grainy,
yellowed but colorless newspapers
in my grandparents' attic, steeped in time
and manifesting only the faintest whiff
of yesterday's present in the here and now.
It's hard to believe they all once felt
the same way about their own times,
their own eras, before those defining lines
gradually formed between the wars and
rulers, and discoveries, and musical genres,
and set them apart from the rest.

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This post has been awarded 16 stars by 4 readers.
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Mar 18, 2009
Nice. Did you mean "seeped in time" or "steeped in time?"

"Steeped in time" would basically mean "saturated by time"
   ~Posted by Douglas, Mar 18, 2009

Mar 18, 2009
Hmmmm... well to me the idea of "saturated" is what I was looking for, but the mental picture I had at the time was like a piece of paper sitting in a puddle or something - completely full of liquid. So perhaps adding the 't' would be advantageous...
   ~Posted by Laura, Mar 18, 2009

Brett G. Rudder
Mar 25, 2009
Very descriptive, good touches. =]

And I must admit, I was almost wholly inspired by Dickinson's "When Death Came to Call" for my poem. I LOVE Emily Dickinson.
   ~Posted by Brett G. Rudder, Mar 25, 2009

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