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09/09/09: A special day?
Posted by Laura, Sep 11, 2009. 1641 views. ID = 2844


Posted by Laura, Sep 11, 2009. 1641 views. ID = 2844
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Time to celebrate our lucky day:
three numbers in a row on the calendar,
making this date a sequence
not seen in one hundred years,
and never to be seen again
in our lifetimes.
What a wondrous feeling it is to know,
that all those people who just died
or weren't quite born yet -
they all missed out.
Only us, the elite, the chosen, the few
get to leave our mark on these immortal
24 hours that most of our children
won't even live to experience again.

How fortunate we are, with our
milestones and mathematical anomalies,
to live through such a unique day,
its only merit lying in our utter inability
to reproduce it once it's gone.
But what about tomorrow?
Whatever garbled jumble of dissimilar
numbers compose the date, it may still
hold its own amongst the other, more
amusing sequences that have come
and gone, and may, in time, prove
just as likely to generate lasting
memories, and somehow just as unlikely
to ever be experienced again
in our lifetimes.

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This post has been awarded 16 stars by 4 readers.
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Sep 12, 2009 you're thinking like a mathematician! :)
   ~Posted by Douglas, Sep 12, 2009

Sep 12, 2009
Oh's like you're rubbing off on me or something!
   ~Posted by Laura, Sep 12, 2009

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