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Her Dinner Date: She'll hope...
Posted by Pasameerday, Feb 17, 2014. 2242 views. ID = 6570

Her Dinner Date

Posted by Pasameerday, Feb 17, 2014. 2242 views. ID = 6570
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The table gleams between them.
The little distance gives them room
To their own thoughts
As fingers twist tentative knots.
She holds his hand and he holds hers.
The moonlight shines off of her skin
Into his eyes
As he admires the starlit skies.
The coffees steam between them.
She looks at him, his tilted chin
Wishing for love
From someone who sees only what’s above.
The café’s closing between them.
The waiter cleans tables and still he stares
And she wishes
To be there, not watching dirty dishes.
The night will never, ever end.
She’ll sit there, hoping against hope
That he’ll see her.

And he won’t.

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