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My Love: My boyfriend is for whom I am most thankful, as he brought a sparkle to my eye that I can't describe.
Posted by Pasameerday, Nov 4, 2013. 1261 views. ID = 6442

My Love

Posted by Pasameerday, Nov 4, 2013. 1261 views. ID = 6442
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I love how the light of the sun sprays the sparkle in his eyes on the world around me
I love how the wind in his hair yanks lazily at the corners of his lips as they twist up in smile
I love how his arms around me tighten like braids when claws reach out to untangle him from me
I love how fate brought him to me, and brought my heart to its knees.
I can't help but wonder where would I otherwise be?
I don't want to think about a world where the sparkle is gone.
I love how I can say that he is mine, and I am his.
I love how I can say I am the only one.

And I thank whatever force brought us together so on my journey I can fight off the claws with two extra arms,
And beat off the spite with an extra tongue,
And hug myself to sleep with an extra heart to beat beside me,
And not least an extra hand to hold when extra lips are smiling.

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