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Those Foolish Politicians!: A poem about what happens when congress decides to pass a rather shocking law...
Posted by Douglas, May 13, 2010. 1475 views. ID = 3558

Those Foolish Politicians!

Posted by Douglas, May 13, 2010. 1475 views. ID = 3558
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At times the arrogance of humankind,
It makes me hang my head, and gives me pause;
What utter foolishness when congress passed
A bill revoking scientific laws!
No cooler heads prevailed or brought to mind
The cautionary tale of Babel's tower;
Perhaps they thought that they were wise enough
To wield this sort of great and godlike power.
And now, with laws of nature in repeal,
Our feeble minds cannot in full absorb it,
This grave and horrifying consequence:
The moon is swiftly drifting out of orbit.

The sky is filled with bright reflected light;
Each day that monstrous orb draws closer still,
Until without the aid of telescopes,
We clearly see each crater and each hill.
The scientists are blocked at every turn,
For laws of gravity have gone berserk,
And not a single plan that they've devised
To stop the pending crash will ever work.
But I will not succumb to gloom and fear;
Before the end, some sunny afternoon,
I'll pack my bags and wave a fond farewell,
And with delight I'll hang-glide to the moon.

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This post has been awarded 19 stars by 6 readers.
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