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Thanks: An early morning request for help from a student
Posted by Douglas, Mar 3, 2010. 1528 views. ID = 3259


Posted by Douglas, Mar 3, 2010. 1528 views. ID = 3259
This post was written in 10 minutes.
Sorry...I know I'm a week late with this writing prompt. I had this idea in my head all last week, and just didn't get around to typing it up until today.
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"I need some help with my homework."

It was about 6:15 in the morning, and I was snatching a few minutes out of my morning routine to browse Facebook. The plea for help came to me over Facebook chat from a student who had waited until the last minute to do an assignment that had been assigned two weeks earlier, and was due that day.

It's tough to explain math and science over Facebook chat, since the chat window doesn't handle exponents or fractions. But I did my best, and spent 15 minutes of my morning explaining concepts to the student.

After fielding several questions, the message came back to me: "Okay, I guess that's it." I waited a minute for the "Thank you" that would surely come after I'd spent that early morning time helping a student in need.

I waited another minute.

Then the student was offline.

There's no denying, teaching can be a thankless profession. There are days that you pour heart and soul into students, and it's like you're hitting a blank wall.

But then I remind myself: when it comes to having a thankless job, I'm just really glad that I'm not God.

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This post has been awarded 20 stars by 4 readers.
This post is part of a writing prompt: The Worst Job


Mar 4, 2010
that was pretty straight forward....I liked it, but something tells me you already HAVE that job...haha
   ~Posted by gabemay, Mar 4, 2010

Mar 4, 2010
ha! :D
   ~Posted by Douglas, Mar 4, 2010

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