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Deciduous Sea: My thoughts about the mobility of our society, and the consequences it has on us.
Posted by Douglas, May 25, 2010. 1294 views. ID = 3593

Deciduous Sea

Posted by Douglas, May 25, 2010. 1294 views. ID = 3593
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Our society has become a sea of deciduous trees. We are, as a whole, people who shed our personalities like dying leaves in the fall, only to begin anew, tentatively budding out a new personality, then allowing allowing it to burst forth for all to see.

I blame this, I suppose, on the utter mobility of our society; we have chosen to be people who uproot with far greater ease than any tree, and with each uprooting, we have the opportunity to begin anew and, in the process, become someone new.

We can even see this sense of mobility within the confines of the church family; if you are unhappy with something or someone within your current church, simply shred the ties that bind and transplant yourself into a different fellowship.

But every time you do so, you lose something precious; you lose a little bit of the sense of who you really are. Unlike a deciduous tree dropping its leaves, unlike a snake shedding its skin, a man cannot perpetually reinvent himself without losing these precious commodities: identity and sincerity.

So I, stubborn as I am, choose instead to be an evergreen, staunchly defiant in the midst of an undulating deciduous sea.

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This post has been awarded 16 stars by 4 readers.
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