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The Story of My Life: A short poem about what would happen if I could write my own life, like a play
Posted by Douglas, Jan 29, 2009. 3094 views. ID = 2290

The Story of My Life

Posted by Douglas, Jan 29, 2009. 3094 views. ID = 2290
This post was written in 1 minutes.
This idea popped into my head last night while I was lying in bed reading - of all things - Rhodes' The Making of the Atomic Bomb.

I almost forgot all about it when I got up this morning, but the second cup of coffee stirred my memory.
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If I could write the story of my life,
Produce and then direct this home-styled play,
Compose its sound track's score with lyre and fife,
And script out what each character would say,
If I controlled each cut and every scene,
How wonderfully convenient that would be;
Yet if it ever reached the silver screen,
I fear 'twould have no audience but me.

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This post has been awarded 68 stars by 16 readers.


Jan 29, 2009
There are a variety of ways this poem could be read, and any of them are perfectly fine with me:

1. Any project requires teamwork to make it good.

2. If I designed my own life so everything works out conveniently for me, it would actually be quite boring.

3. As Donne would say, No man is an island entire of itself.

4. Life is unscripted. Enjoy the ride. :)
   ~Posted by Douglas, Jan 29, 2009

Jan 30, 2009
oooh i like this..short and sweet and real....
   ~Posted by joonmymoon, Jan 30, 2009

Jan 30, 2009
Editing & directing re-takes of life. Just imagine! ;-)

'All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.'
   ~Posted by Scribbler, Jan 30, 2009

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