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PX-Metrical Converter: Output from the PX-Metrical Converter that I will someday invent. Truly
Posted by Douglas, Nov 8, 2009. 1877 views. ID = 2947

PX-Metrical Converter

Posted by Douglas, Nov 8, 2009. 1877 views. ID = 2947
This post was written in 26 minutes.
The tragic thing is, if I ever actually invented this, the circumstances under which it would be useful are so far and few between that I probably wouldn't make a single penny off it. :)
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"Oh, the time, it has come, to discuss many things,
Of sneakers, canoes, and of cabbage and kings,"
Said the walrus who stood on the dry ocean shore
To the carpenter and to the oysters galore.
And those poor little oysters how they all did cry
As they realized that lunchtime did swiftly draw nigh...

[An excerpt from The Walrus and the Carpenter converted from Iambic Heptameter to Anapestic Tetrameter using the PX-Metrical Converter, version 2.05. All rights reserved.]

Copyright 2009 Douglas. All rights reserved. has been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work. For permission to reprint this item, please contact the author.

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This post has been awarded 21 stars by 5 readers.
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R. Wesley Lovil
Nov 8, 2009
Where do I sign up for one?
   ~Posted by R. Wesley Lovil, Nov 8, 2009

Nov 8, 2009
Me two

   ~Posted by Mathax, Nov 8, 2009

Nov 8, 2009
Is this from Alice in Wonderland?

   ~Posted by Laura, Nov 8, 2009

Nov 8, 2009
It's "The Walrus and the Carpenter" by Lewis Carroll...I don't recall if it's part of Alice, Through The Looking Glass, or just a stand alone piece of silliness.
   ~Posted by Douglas, Nov 8, 2009

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