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The Wink of Death: A close encounter of the worst kind. I experience a moment of terror.
Posted by Douglas, Jul 18, 2008. 3294 views. ID = 1498

The Wink of Death

Posted by Douglas, Jul 18, 2008. 3294 views. ID = 1498
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Driving down route 3 at 50 miles an hour, there is a blinding flash of light, a bang (not a clap, not a boom), and my car (it seems to me) lifts several inches off the roadbed, in what has got to be one of the most shocking (figuratively) moments of my life.

I will never look at thunderstorms the same way again.

Anyway, the experience gave me an idea for a sonnet. This one is in Italian form, which has a perspective shift after the eighth line.
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Mortality, that gaunt and ghastly foe,
With spectral smile and vulgar leering eye,
He paused today for me, I know not why;
His scabbed and sunken eyelid drooped, then rose.
What terror then possessed my quaking soul,
For Death had turned on me his winking eye,
Then laughing, cast his lots, and passed on by,
And left me haunted by this chance parole.
They say that only once the lightning strikes
And many - by these words - have been beguiled,
But woe to him, the greatest of all fools,
Who hangs his hopes upon this flimsy pike;
For I have looked on Death's deceptive smile,
And know he does not play by mortal rules.

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This post has been awarded 35 stars by 9 readers.
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Brett G. Rudder
Oct 3, 2008
Hey, this quite good--I'll admit, I hadn't read this one. The idea of your poem "love came knocking" and then the first line, "when love came knocking at my door" I dunno, I was just like, BAM--death, and we're good. haha
   ~Posted by Brett G. Rudder, Oct 3, 2008

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