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Superfluous Citizens: A short commentary on society and its power struggles
Posted by Douglas, Aug 3, 2008. 2420 views. ID = 1539

Superfluous Citizens

Posted by Douglas, Aug 3, 2008. 2420 views. ID = 1539
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In my society, as in yours, each citizen finds his niche in one of four power groups: the military, the religious orders, the working class, or the merchants and businessmen.

As each one works his way into his class niche, he discovers that there is a definite pecking order within his class. Captains give way to colonels, colonels must submit to generals. For those who fall into the working class, power can be determined by production, but is more often a function of the loyalty of others within the class. For the businessmen, money is the beginning and end of all; wealth is the undisputed king.

Even in the religious orders you will find that there is a clear power structure, though the religious people deny any hunger for power and prestige within their ranks. They can deny it all they want, but too few of them live up to the ideals they claim to live by.

And then, in your society, as in mine, there are the superfluous citizens. Those who don't seem to fit anywhere. We are not part of the military, the church, the working class, or the business world. We are misfits shunned by all, and treated as outcasts. Our lives seem meaningless, pointless, and no one seems to care.

In my society, we are called Jokers, and we are consistently removed from the deck.

What are we called in your society? And what do you do with us?

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This post has been awarded 23 stars by 6 readers.
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Josiah T.
Aug 3, 2008
Laugh at you ;-)
   ~Posted by Josiah T., Aug 3, 2008

Aug 10, 2008
Good one, my friend. I like the joker image and I think the idea could be further expanded. I'm not sure if I agree with your breakdown of classes, and I think the whole premise could use a bit more focus, but I like the idea
   ~Posted by clayman, Aug 10, 2008

Aug 11, 2008
Well, I actually didn't come up with those classes - they are the classes which were intended to be represented by the four suites in a deck of cards. (Diamond = merchant, Heart = religion, Club = military, Spade = agrarian/working class)
   ~Posted by Douglas, Aug 11, 2008

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