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Misnomer: An inanimate object sitting on Doug's desk protests the name he was given
Posted by Douglas, Feb 25, 2008. 2281 views. ID = 658


Posted by Douglas, Feb 25, 2008. 2281 views. ID = 658
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There are days when I think this world is about the silliest, most absurd, and utterly irrational place in the entire universe.

True, I've never visited any other places in the universe, and - in fact - I've only ever been in one tiny corner of this world. But I still think I ought to be allowed to have my opinion heard.

Have you ever noticed how silly humans are when it comes to naming things? My favorite is the word "Parkway". Do we park on parkways? No! Of course not! We drive on them! Which makes me wonder what we're supposed to do on driveways!

Park, maybe?

You see what I mean? Humans can be just plain strange.

And the parkway/driveway thing is nothing compared to the silliness of what they named me!

Here I sit, next to Doug's desk, saying nothing, just waiting for Doug to decide he needs me. But most of the time he completely ignores me. When he first got me, he would use me all the time, holding me up to his ear to hear what I had to say to him. But I never said a word. How can I? I don't even have a mouth!

Talking Phone Book indeed; I have even less to say than his pet rock!

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This post has been awarded 29 stars by 8 readers.
This post is part of a writing prompt: Inanimate Perspective


Mar 4, 2008
Ha! Leave it to you to fit Gregory into this story!
   ~Posted by Jeorge, Mar 4, 2008

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