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Jeffery and Jeorge: A disclaimer about timberwolves and dodo birds
Posted by Douglas, Jul 11, 2008. 1609 views. ID = 1474

Jeffery and Jeorge

Posted by Douglas, Jul 11, 2008. 1609 views. ID = 1474
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This post is a Grab Bag which uses the following words: rhetoric, extinction, proportion, index finger

Note: if you don't know me and my "animal friends", this will make no sense at all to you!
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This morning Jeorge wrote a double dactyl (Wiffity Woffity (A Double Dactyl)), which is a very odd and difficult poetry form to write. But it's not the poetry form itself that interested me; it was the topic of the poem. Jeorge implies in his poem that it was the voracious appetites of wolves like Jeffery that drove the dodo birds to extinction. The truth is, Jeorge is using his poem as a form of rhetoric to blow the entire situation way out of proportion. It is as though Jeorge was shaking his head and wagging an index finger at Jeffery in a scolding fashion...except, of course, dodo birds don't have index fingers, so it's a metaphorical finger-wagging.

For all who are concerned about the inflammatory content of Jeorge's the best of my knowledge, Jeffery has never in his life eaten a dodo bird, and Jeorge is perfectly safe without flying away to the shores of the Mediterranean.

Okay, Jeffery, I wrote the can stop chewing on my leg now!

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This post has been awarded 18 stars by 4 readers.


Jul 14, 2008
Well, I was going to leave a comment saying "Poor Jeorge! Being picked on for his poem!" but considering you're the one being eaten, quite possibly I should change my sentiments to "Poor Doug!". ;-)
   ~Posted by Katie, Jul 14, 2008

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