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Election Day Sonnet: A sonnet about the state of politics in the United States of America, as election day draws near
Posted by Douglas, Oct 30, 2008. 3380 views. ID = 1947

Election Day Sonnet

Posted by Douglas, Oct 30, 2008. 3380 views. ID = 1947
This post was written in 4 minutes.
This post is a Grab Bag which uses the following words: candidate, holder, novel, mistaken, snack bar, postcard, feasible

I chose to use one grab bag word for every two lines of the sonnet. After I finished writing it, I went back and replaced "snack bar" with "candy", because having the poem flow well seemed more important than using every word on my list. :)

I also put it on the featured list, since it's so...timely.
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It seems that every candidate we see
Is doomed to leave the citizens aghast -
Placeholders in our nation's history,
They're only shadows of our glory past.
And every speech that hits the public waves,
Has no more content than a postcard's note,
Yet on and on the speaker rants and raves,
As though it was a novel that he wrote.
But is it feasible that we're the cause,
With short attention span for the arcane;
Are we mistaken when we give applause
To politicians who just entertain?
For candy always wins, with more appeal
Than any good and healthy balanced meal.

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This post has been awarded 72 stars by 16 readers.
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Nov 4, 2008
nice piece, very poignant to today and yes they nothing more than a faded shadow of the leaders of the past, if even that! Everything is a show and the intelligence has left the building.
   ~Posted by Half-lit, Nov 4, 2008

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