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Attention All Facebook Members: A message from Mark Zuckerber, the founder of Facebook, regarding inactive Facebook accounts
Posted by Douglas, Aug 20, 2008. 3104 views. ID = 1623

Attention All Facebook Members

Posted by Douglas, Aug 20, 2008. 3104 views. ID = 1623
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I'm getting fed up with the scam message making its way through Facebook right now, that claims to be from the founder of Facebook. So I wrote my own version. *grins*
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Attention all Facebook members.

My name is Mark Zuckerber and I'm the founder of Facebook. I'm going to delete your account unless you stand on one foot, cluck like a chicken, and pick your nose while dancing a jig to the tune of Turkey in the Straw.

I will use my top secret spy technology (located under the 'S' key on your keyboard - don't bother trying to find it) to verify whether or not you have actually performed the precise sequence of actions I have specified, so don't go claiming that you've done it when you really haven't.

Once you've performed these actions, please copy and paste this message to share with all your friends...after all, even though I have the astonishing technological capability of spying directly on your computer, I don't have any effective ways of communicating with your friends.

Your attention to this matter will be of great benefit to the Facebook development team. If nothing else, we'll get a good laugh out of it.

Thanks so much for your attention to this matter.
Mark Zuckerber

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This post has been awarded 22 stars by 5 readers.


Aug 20, 2008
Whoa! You're on Facebook? :-O :-)
   ~Posted by Katie, Aug 20, 2008

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