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A Rough Morning: I had a really rough morning today - let me tell you about it.
Posted by Douglas, Apr 1, 2008. 1948 views. ID = 996

A Rough Morning

Posted by Douglas, Apr 1, 2008. 1948 views. ID = 996
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I've had a pretty rough morning so far today, and if you don't mind, I'd like to tell you a bit about it. It started out when I first got out of bed. I picked up the clothes I'd laid out the night before and promptly put my pants on backwards. Not the brightest thing to do, nor the most comfortable, but there you have it.

As I made my way downstairs, I tripped over a book that I'd left lying on the top step the night before, and tumbled all the way to the bottom, where I banged my head against newel post. To make matters worse, I had left a cup of coffee on the table at the bottom of the stairs, and it tipped over and splashed all over my face when I landed.

Speaking of coffee, the coffee pot wasn't working very well; I had started cleaning it the day before, and there was still a vinegar residue, which made the coffee taste quite nasty. Even worse, I dumped three teaspoons of salt into my morning beverage before I realized it wasn't sugar.

It's kind of silly, but yesterday when I was cleaning, I unplugged the kitchen appliances and never plugged the toaster back in, so I sat there for nearly twenty minutes waiting for my toast to pop up, before I finally realized what was wrong and plugged the thing back in.

To top it all off, last evening I was listening to some Brahms Lullabies on my stereo, but just before I went to bed I swapped out all the classical CDs and put in some of my favorite contemporary music. But did I lower the volume level? Noooo...

So this morning when I turned on the stereo, blaring out of the speakers came the screeching sounds of distorted electric guitars at a hundred and ten decibels. Needless to say, my neighbors (who were still sleeping) were not impressed.

What can I say? It's been a rough morning, but when you live alone you have to find some pretty creative ways to celebrate April Fools Day. It's a good thing I'm so sleepy first thing in the morning, otherwise none of those stunts could possibly have worked.

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This post has been awarded 21 stars by 6 readers.
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Josiah T.
Apr 1, 2008
Niiice.... :-)
   ~Posted by Josiah T., Apr 1, 2008

Apr 2, 2008
What in the world is a newel post?
   ~Posted by pastorjon, Apr 2, 2008

Apr 2, 2008
It's the big ol' post at the bottom of a stairway
   ~Posted by Douglas, Apr 2, 2008

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