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I Resolve...: The reality is . . .
Posted by Peanut, Jan 5, 2010. 943 views. ID = 3083

I Resolve...

Posted by Peanut, Jan 5, 2010. 943 views. ID = 3083
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I try really hard to stick to the fifteen minutes - it's one of my resolutions. No it isn't, I'm just kidding.
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I resolve, this year, the year 2010, to keep any and all resolutions I make whether they are made on January 1 or June 20. I am constantly making resolutions and constantly breaking them.

Once upon a time I was very disciplined. I ate well, exercised five days a week, wrote every day for two hours, and generally got a lot accomplished. Then came love, then came marriage, then two babies, a dog and a cat in a baby carriage.

Where previously I had been disciplined now I was a twitching, babbling, unorganized mess. I was happy doing what I was doing, (with two young children, a husband, house and pets filling up your days you have to be happy or you'll go insane) but what I was doing somehow became what I AM doing and what I am doing is NONE of the things I used to be doing.

My diet isn't bad, but it's not great. I always mean to exercise but I usually don't. I write in bits and pieces and usually I'm not all that happy with what I produce. I work at a job that I like but don't love and after 19 years of marriage, well, you know.

So my resolution this year is to keep all my resolutions. Like the one I made yesterday when I said I was going to exercise every Monday , Wednesday and Friday which last night changed to every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and which might change again to every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Oh who am I kidding?

I should really amend my resolution to "I'll try really, REALLY hard to keep my resolutions, but if I don't it's okay".

Wait, wait, that sounds like I'm setting myself up for failure. Okay, how's this: "This year I resolve to give serious thought to keeping my resolutions"?

No! No - this is better: "This year I resolve to only make resolutions that I - " wait, that won't work.

Oh never mind.

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This post has been awarded 9 stars by 2 readers.
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