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City Council Letter: Here Be Dragons
Posted by Brian Sloan, May 22, 2015. 2374 views. ID = 6981

City Council Letter

Posted by Brian Sloan, May 22, 2015. 2374 views. ID = 6981
This post was written in 2598 minutes.
I got about half way through this and lost steam.

Esteemed Petaluma City Council Board Members;

I write to you on behalf of a tremendous opportunity to promote the general welfare and development of the city of Petaluma and all Petalumans. We find ourselves in a unique situation, unable to gain recognition as a major population hub sandwiched as we are between Santa Rosa and San Francisco. It is for this reason that I suggest you fund a dragon emporium.

This would be the world's first such venue, and could easily become a prime selling point, boosting Petaluma's tourism dollars from negligible to noticeable. How many people can honestly say they've visited a dragon zoo? Fewer than the number who can say they've played quidditch, which is now has official rules and regulations and a professional league in America.

So finding dragons might be a challenge. I'll grant you that. But even without dragons, where else can you go to learn about these mythical creatures? An excellent opportunity for some museum work, showcasing dragons from all cultures and times. Maybe we can contact the Scottish and see if they can send some data about their own national animal as a side exhibit. Or even take Nessie out for a trip. Gotta be part dragon, or a draconic cousin of some type.

Don't let this opportunity slip by you--be the first city to host a fire-breathing menagerie of spectacular creatures. If we don't act now, Napa might beat us to it.


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