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From the Eyes of the Beast - Ngrath part 2: Perspective of the monster, for a change
Posted by Brian Sloan, Sep 16, 2014. 897 views. ID = 6748

From the Eyes of the Beast - Ngrath part 2

Posted by Brian Sloan, Sep 16, 2014. 897 views. ID = 6748
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Last week I sort of *did* this week's prompt. Created a creature, gave it a brief little story. This week, I decided to look at it from the other side: instead of writing from the perspective of the humans looking in on this creature, I decided to make it from the creature looking in on the humans. It's odd, and I feel like the diction could have been stronger (I used some more complex words than I meant to), but I think the concept is well posited.
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At first, it was dark. For a long time, it was dark and warm. Dark and warm and safe.

Then it was light. I remember the light. It was not light for long before it was dark again. But there was light.

I can smell them. My brothers. In the warm and dark. I can sense them, feel their presence. But they know not of me. Or of the light.

I wait. Waiting is easy now. I was impatient once, but for what--impatient for the light. Eager to meet the light with my soft flesh, pudgy little fingers grasping for the brightness. I was younger. I was foolish.

I have lived and died and lived again. I know what the light means. The light means pain. I have lived and I have loved, and I love my brothers. Those still dark and warm and safe brothers, not knowing what is to come next. What they so eagerly yearn for.

What I do, I do of love. I rescue them. Save them from the light. The larger vessels scream, because they are creatures of the light and wish to bring us harm. But I am a messenger of the dark and safe, come to bring my brothers to their second life, a life of love and fraternity.

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This post has been awarded 9 stars by 2 readers.
This post is part of a writing prompt: Strange Creatures - Part Two

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