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Poem on Prompt: Using the prompt on anticipation of events
Posted by Brian Sloan, Aug 9, 2011. 1128 views. ID = 4774

Poem on Prompt

Posted by Brian Sloan, Aug 9, 2011. 1128 views. ID = 4774
This post was written in 24 minutes.

Anticipation: such a fleeting taste.
At first it creeps, like mouse-feet, soft and swift
It's sugar sweet, with queer anxi'ty laced.
But oft, beyond the first few sips that lift
A dang'rous weight inside your stomach drops
What if my dream into a nightmare shift?
The hope may leave with squelching, sick'ning plops
You'll think of this as more a curse than gift
But don't give in to dower thoughts--take heart!
Recall those first emotions that you thought
And nightmares fade away and fall apart
Once more your pleasure bubbles nice and hot
When e'r some long-awaited thing comes near
Step to the front and turn to face your fear

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