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A Childish Fight: A fight between a girlfriend and boyfriend who've been together for 2 years. It's the final conversation they have.
Posted by Angela, Nov 16, 2007. 2500 views. ID = 321

A Childish Fight

Posted by Angela, Nov 16, 2007. 2500 views. ID = 321
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"This was taken from the actual conversation she had with her boyfriend November 15, at 5:33 PM. There was a lot of yelling. She doesn't remember all of the fight but these were the most important parts. He hasn't called her back yet. She doubts he will. Yet she still wishes they could be friends. It truly was a childish fight. And she feels stupid about the things she said. Looking back, she would have said different things in a different manner. John, if you ever see this, I'm sorry."
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"Hey, we need to talk." He laughed. "Sorry, I've got two stalkers following me. I'm trying to get away." She could hear the wind blow. She knew he was outside.

"What's up?" She said. She had a horrible feeling, it's just one of those things that someone knows. "Just say it and get it over with."

"I can't do this anymore," he said quietly.

Yet, even though she expected this, she started crying. "Why? What can't you do?"

"This. It's too hard for me." He said calmly.

"So what brought this on?" she questioned him. "Just this morning you still said you loved me! What. Do you like someone else? Auburn maybe?"

"No. I don't like anyone else. I do still love you!" He shouted. "I just can't take this stress anymore. You're putting too much pressure on me!"

"Well, I guess it doesn't matter anymore," she said, barely controlling her voice. "You've already made up your mind. Either way you're leaving."

"Hey. Don't guilt me! You're making me feel bad," he said.

"So what. What about how I feel," she shouted back, tears streaming down her face. "I'm hurting right now. You just want to quit? After two years? DON'T YOU WANT TO TRY ANYMORE?"

"You just don't get it do you?! I'VE BEEN TRYING. I'VE BEEN TRYING FOR THE LAST 2 YEARS!" He completely exploded.

"Well, I've been trying too! I've been trying so hard lately!" she screamed at him. "I've been trying my hardest and I'm trying to fix it. I'M TRYING TO MAKE IT UP TO YOU!"

"Look. No matter what you do, you can't make it up to me. YOU NEVER WILL ANGELA. You can't fix it," he yelled back at her, exasperated. "Besides, the only reason you tried so hard lately was because you were afraid I'd leave."

"Well, gee, you're right. I did try hard because I was afraid you'd leave. You're IMPORTANT TO ME. ... But I guess I'm not important enough to you. You don't love me anymore do you?" She said the last sentence meekly.

"NO! I DO... oh my God. See?" He was still yelling. "This is another reason why I can't take it anymore. You only hear what you want to hear. You NEVER listen to me. You never listen when I try to talk about my day. It's like I'm not important."




"LOOK I... JUST NEVERMIND. I'M GOING." He hung up the phone.

She looked at the time. 5:38 PM. Though to adults it may seem like a childish squabble to adults, to her, it seemed as if the world had temporarily stopped.

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This post has been awarded 13 stars by 4 readers.
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Nov 16, 2007
Must have been a very tough night. :-/ I guess this must be related to this piece: Love, or lack thereof.?

Last paragraph - one of your "to adults" is redundant.
   ~Posted by Douglas, Nov 16, 2007

Nov 16, 2007
   ~Posted by Mathax, Nov 16, 2007

Sep 22, 2009
you made it so real you made forget where I was
   ~Posted by erika, Sep 22, 2009

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