Stories and Poems About Mountains

Stories and poems that were inspired by mountain hikes. Some are true, some not.

Stories and Poems About Mountains

Stories and poems that were inspired by mountain hikes. Some are true, some not.  ~Posted by Douglas
I've noticed that hiking often gives me ideas for stories and poems. Sometimes those poems and stories are serious, sometimes they're quite silly. Here are the ones I've posted so far...

If you enjoy this series, you might also want to read my series of poems and stories inspired by my stay on Lake Passagassawakeag. That series starts here: Jazz Ensemble

Cadillac Mountain Sunrise is an eerie moment, with rows of people standing in silence
Posted by Douglas, Sep 29, 2007
A poem about my hike up Table Rock, West Baldpate, and Baldpate in October of 2007.
Posted by Douglas, Oct 15, 2007
Poem about Mount Katahdin as seen from a hillside near Patten, Maine in the wintertime.
Posted by Douglas, Feb 22, 2008
The story of my recent hike up Black Mountain and the adventures I had there.
Posted by Douglas, May 12, 2008
A description of Avery Peak, and the Fire Warden's trail to the summit.
Posted by Douglas, May 25, 2008
A sonnet about the hawks that were soaring about so gracefully while we hiked Streaked Mountain
Posted by Douglas, Jun 26, 2008
A brave knight faces a terrible foe on the summit of Mount Gloom
Posted by Douglas, Jul 8, 2008
Bobby and I hiked a mountain and discovered a secret treasure at the peak.
Posted by Douglas, Jul 10, 2008
A sonnet about the experiences of the senses on top of a mountain
Posted by Douglas, Jul 12, 2008
There are two kinds of people in the world, and you can recognize them based on what they do with blueberries
Posted by Douglas, Aug 22, 2008
Haiku about the wide open space and eerie silence at the top of Tumbledown Mountain in Weld, Maine
Posted by Douglas, Aug 24, 2008
Blank verse about the stretch of route 16 in New Hampshire, between Wilsons Mills, Maine and Errol, NH
Posted by Douglas, Aug 27, 2008
This is an (almost) entirely true story of my hike up Monadnock Mountain this afternoon.
Posted by Douglas, Aug 31, 2008
I meet some dogs during my summer hiking adventures in Maine
Posted by Douglas, Sep 11, 2008
I took a wilderness survival class and learned important things that might save my life.
Posted by Douglas, Sep 23, 2008
A short poem describing an overcast day on Redington Mountain in the fall.
Posted by Douglas, Sep 30, 2008
The hum of civilization is all around us, though mostly unnoticed. It's not in the bowl between Redington, Crocker, Sugarloaf, Spaulding, and Abraham
Posted by Douglas, Oct 1, 2008
A Fibonacci Poem describing the summit of Bradbury Mountain
Posted by Douglas, Oct 5, 2008
Sunset over Kearsarge North, as viewed from the summit of Streaked Mountain in South Paris, Maine
Posted by Douglas, Oct 30, 2008
A short blank verse about my time spent in the Camden Hills yesterday
Posted by Douglas, Apr 19, 2009
I step off the beaten path and choose to take the less traveled road. A blank verse
Posted by Douglas, May 2, 2009
A short poem about snowshoeing in deep powdery snow on a windy day.
Posted by Douglas, Jan 30, 2010
An Elizabethan Sonnet about a mountaintop experience in New Hampshire's White Mountains during the winter
Posted by Douglas, Mar 14, 2010
A story about a couple excursions into the white mountains of New Hampshire
Posted by Douglas, Mar 29, 2010
A poem about the poetry made by man
Posted by Douglas, Apr 12, 2010
A short poem about one of the places I would like to visit
Posted by Douglas, Apr 18, 2010
A poem about choosing a road when traveling through a swamp.
Posted by Douglas, Apr 20, 2010
An excursion to coastal Maine, including Mount Battie, Maiden Cliff, and Pemaquid Point
Posted by Douglas, Apr 25, 2010
A poem in honor of my upcoming excursion to Bald Mountain with my friends.
Posted by Douglas, May 1, 2010
A sonnet about change; things coming to an end, and new beginnings
Posted by Douglas, Jun 25, 2010
Sunset clouds compared to lava flows in an iambic pentameter quatrain
Posted by Douglas, Aug 28, 2010
God's spectacular sunset show - all the mountains from Baldpate to Chocorua on fire!
Posted by Douglas, Sep 29, 2010
A short poem about my excursion up Singepole Mountain this afternoon
Posted by Douglas, Dec 23, 2010

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