Writing Prompt: Children Fighting

Children Fighting: Writing Prompt at Fifteen Minutes Of Fiction. Create a short piece of writing that fits the writing prompt.

Writing Prompt: Children Fighting

Writing prompt Children often fight and argue; two children are having an argument. What are they arguing about? What kinds of things are they saying?

Write about this scenario, and be sure to focus attention on the childrens' dialogue.

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A poem. Two brothers arguing about what the younger brother will be when he grows up.
Posted by Rabbit Stu, Nov 16, 2007
Mommy and Daddy left me in charge while they went away, but Bobby doesn't like that
Posted by Hope Sinks, Nov 12, 2007
Matt Welcomb and Art Gallery get in a big fight while trying to report on the alien invasion in Trenton, New Jersey
Posted by murki, Nov 11, 2007
My brothers and I went to a funeral, and had an argument about crying.
Posted by Douglas, Nov 15, 2007
Children Fighting prompt
Posted by Daisy, Aug 13, 2009
A fight between a girlfriend and boyfriend who've been together for 2 years. It's the final conversation they have.
Posted by Angela, Nov 16, 2007
a disagrement about game systems between kids
Posted by death_shadow, Nov 12, 2007
Billy and Lizzy are arguing and calling each other names while out on a family picnic.
Posted by Michael K, Nov 13, 2007
fiight over junk food and money.
Posted by snapper, Apr 25, 2008
Some, uh, shall we say, interesting dialogue between three brothers.
Posted by Josiah T., Nov 15, 2007
kids fighting over friends
Posted by erika, Mar 26, 2010
Aruging over foot ball.
Posted by Angela Auten, Oct 31, 2009
fighting about a girlfriend
Posted by nickelanddime, Nov 15, 2007

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